Healing Gifts of Las Vegas (HGLV) is a non-profit organization founded in 2017.  The mission is to get gifts into the hands of children with prolonged hospitalizations, while they are still in the hospital. During hospitalizations, chronically ill children suffer from boredom and often a feeling of loss of control.  Through HGLV, these children are empowered to choose their own desired gift from a catalog, and have the gift personally delivered to them during their hospital stay. A few examples of the gifts that kids can choose are an art set, Nintendo 3DS, Leapfrog Leapster, an over-sized stuffed animal, Kindle Fire, portable DVD player, bracelet creator, Lego sets, karaoke machine, digital keyboard, among many others. Gifts come for both boys and girls, with a large variety that are age-appropriate between 2-18yo. All gifts are in the price range of $250 or less.