Matt Hudkins, MD – Founder HGLV 2017

Here’s how it works:

(1)  Certified Child Life Specialists (CCLS) from Children’s Hospitals across the Las Vegas Valley identify inpatient children in need of gifts.

(2)  The child chooses a gift from the catalogue, and the CCLS contacts us .

(3) Using money from donors, the gift is purchased and personally delivered to the child, usually within a few business days – while the child is still in the hospital.

(4) The child will send either a video, audio, or written thank-you message to the donor(s) whose donations were used for the purchase. The message is private and viewed through an email link or on the website using password-protected encryption.

HGLV is a non-profit organization. 100% of the donations received are used to purchase gifts. All administrative expenses and other costs to operate are covered at our personal expense.